Welcome to a brand new world of Talent Acquisition, Recruitment AND EMPLOYER BRANDING

At the cornerstone of web 3.0 technology, and combining the newest advances in 3D, social networking, streaming, analytics and integrated communication with a deep understanding of talent recruitment and acquisition dynamics, Jobs&More365 is a revolutionary, interactive platform that connects employer organisations with an unlimited pool of targeted and qualified candidates - junior, middle-aged or senior, career beginner to seasoned professional, worker to top executive level, actively or passively searching for the next career step.

Available 24x7x365, Jobs&More365 is much more than an always-on virtual job fair. It is a real-world virtual place connecting multi-generational talents eager to make a next step in their career, and dynamic employer organisations searching to boost their recruitment and talent acquisition initiatives in an innovative and revolutionary way.

Jobs&More365 in brief:

Jobs&More365 is the result of a close collaboration between top experts in recruitment, event management, and advanced web & communication technologies, under the supervision of an advisory board made of renowned top HR decision-makers.